Privacy Policy

Dear visitor, I am HaoJun0823. This page will introduce my privacy policy to you. If there is no description of relevant content on the corresponding site, these content applications will apply to the domain and all sites under this domain.

In the following, this domain refers to the domain and all sites under this domain, and I refer to HaoJun0823.


When you leave a comment, in addition to your personal information and comment content, we will also collect your IP address and your browser’s User-Agent for security analysis and optimization.


When you browse the site of this domain, your browser will generate corresponding cookies. The purpose of these cookies includes but is not limited to recording your session, visit footprint and other related content.

You can delete your local cookies through your browser, and the server will store relevant cookies to confirm your information and identity.

Third Party Service

When you visit the site of this domain or use the projects developed by yourself, you may actively or passively use third-party services, and the data collection and use of these third-party services are all performed by relevant service providers.

Data Sharing Plan

Thank you for your support and encouragement to my projects and plans. The data you share is the information needed for the future development and design of related projects, and this information will be reflected in the options of related projects.

If you do not agree to the terms of use or data sharing plan of the relevant project, the relevant project will not upload your data.


The server of this domain site is located in Hong Kong, China, provided by Alibaba Cloud.

I do not guarantee any data security and information security in this domain. This is because this domain has been attacked by various illegal means and malicious access for several years. At the same time, it has also encountered force majeure events that lead to temporary suspension of services. If any data and privacy issues occur I am not responsible for the problem, but I will try my best to save your interests, please understand.

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