Brief description

Welcome to my personal site.

My name is HaoJun0823 (♂). I was born in Tianjin, China. I am a programmer and also excel at other specialties.

I’m left-handed. My birthday is August 23, and I’m trying to learn programming, writing, art, music, language, and sports to make myself as strong as possible.

I hope the person I care about and everything I care about will be fine.


Introduction to each site

This is my main site, which is used for my hosting management, business access, mail service and domain name resolution. It is also the core service of other websites. I will post my essays and some daily life.

AED is used to treat sudden cardiac death, and ICU means intensive care unit … I put the projects and modules I wrote here, and everything related to code and projects will be here … meaning to always advise myself If you are too tired, you will die suddenly and then be rescued in the ICU …

This is the site of Sundawn Studio, which was established by me. This year, I independently launched the main site. We will gradually release our first-party commercial works in the future. Due to my slow progress.

Okami Yuuki (大神佑季) is my original character. To commemorate his existence, I registered the domain name. It contains many beautiful visions and expectations. I treat him as my own son. This website only has His content, generally speaking, is his original story and his fellow life in other works.

Haku is where I save the works I have created, and it contains a variety of creative content.

Why do you divide so much?

If you ask me … I just want to say that I have these domain names, and the earliest of them were in, which made my website extremely swell. Friends from all directions entered my website, As for the poor management and the trouble they caused, they separated these contents.

I think these websites are highly delayed …

That’s of course, because they are all deployed on a server with 512MB of memory … I’ve tried my best, and I will improve if I have the chance.

June 30, 2020: I moved the site to Japan! The new server has 1GB of powerful memory! This will increase the efficiency of the website by 300%!


Meeting is fate. I hope you can find what you like and what you need here. In the end, no matter where you are or who you are, I will send my best wishes. I hope you are healthy and all the best.

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